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Akli Fairuz Dies After Harsh Tackle In Football

Akli Fairuz Dies After Harsh Tackle In Football

The world of football has been rocked by an unspeakable tragedy after a player died as a result of this reckless tackle. Akli Fairuz a striker for Indonesian 2nd division team called Persiraja, was taken down by Argos Aamon the goal keeper of PSAPC while chasing a loose ball during a league match. He came of the feild injured but didn’t seem to be badly hurt and even stayed to watch rest of the match. After 16 hours his condition got worsened and it was at that point where he was taken to hospital next day where it emerged he sustained internal injuries. The doctors tried their best to save his life but sadly he died 2 weeks later.


Again this shows how dangerous football could be. This was a deliberate foul no ifs or buts and harm intended says the family of Akli. The Persiraja believe that the goal keeper should have been immediately sent off. Obviously the ref didn’t see it like this as the goalkeeper fouls with feet and knees up happen all the time but referees let them get away with it.


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