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Cristiano Ronaldo wins Ballon d’Or award 2013

He has finally done it ! It isn’t easy to explain as to what it meant to Ronaldo when he won Ballon d’Or award 2013. As soon as Cristiano Ronaldo was named the most outstanding soccer player of the world for 2013, he dropped into tears when giving an emotional acceptance speech. This gala event took place in Switzerland, Zurich. This Portuguese, 28-year old soccer star got this award after 4 years as for these many years it was given to Lionel Messi. In 59 games that Ronaldo played for his club in 2013, he collected 69 goals. Ronaldo said that one and all were involved with him on personal level and he thanked all of them. He mentioned special thanks to his friends, his son, and his family. He added further that it is an extremely emotional moment for him and he thanked everybody who was involved. He also thanked his fans as well as shared highlight video that included remaining part of his speech.


This Portugal international skipper held off the strong claims both from 4-time Ballon d’Or award winner Lionel Messi and also from Franck Ribery for claiming his 2nd Golden Ball. It was in the year 2008 when Ronaldo won this award during the time when he was playing for Manchester United. He played 56 games in which he netted 66 goals approximately for his club including his 5 hat-tricks that came in World Cup Play-off when Portugal won over Sweden with 4-2 so as to make sure that his country gets place in World Cup this year in Brazil. Ronaldo has once again displayed remarkable consistency as well as great effort from his side. Ronaldo devastated ferocious, quick, and powerful final third so that this individual star shines brighter than other player during last 1 year. Though his competitors Messi and Ribery have won this award previously, Ronaldo this year was at peak of his true powers.

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