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top 6 tourist countries

Top 6 countries you must visit before you die! The following are the top 6 tourist countries with highest visitors as per 2012:-


With eighty seven million tourists coming to France, it stands ahead of America and China in this regard. A country with more than thirty five UNESCO recognized world heritage sites and cities with cultural values, seaside holiday venues, beautiful beaches, rural areas with tourism and skiing facilities make it the best choice for people.


What can one speak about the US when it comes to tourism, from mighty skyscrapers to mind blowing creations, awesome beaches, and a history filled with hard labor and glory? US are full of places worth seeing and that is why tourists prefer it second only over to France.



China stands third in the list of favorite tourist destinations. A country with excellence in manufacturing almost everything, masters in electronic gadgets and one of the world’s sharpest fighters. This country welcomes you to have a holiday full of fun and entertainment. You are sure to love the hospitality of people there and don’t forget to get the traditional medical treatments there.



Thinking of mighty castles with glorious history and mighty rulers, think of Spain then. Yes for all the history lovers, there cannot be a better place than Spain. A perfect example of the Roman and Gothic kingdoms, this country is worth a visit.



Think of world’s best food destination, you must go Italy, the nation where pizza was first created. Not only pizza but a lot other things which has become favorite of millions in the world has originated here and who can ignore the Italian wine.



Iran or known as Persia is located in Middle East of Asia. Persia is a home to one of the world’s oldest civilization. It is said that Persian has a 5000 to 5500 years of history. 3200 – 2800 BCE. The Iranian Medes unified the country into the first of many empires in 625 BCE, after which it became the dominant cultural and political power in the region. If you love historical places we strongly suggest, visiting Takhteh Jamshid.

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